Friday, 29 September 2017

Elections persuasive writing

WALT: Write an effective argument for our chosen political party.

For the 2017 election i would march for Labour. Labour was in power from 1997-2010 and are trying to take action in many things, I believe that electing Labour for government is the best thing we can do. Labour wants to stop people living in disgusting homes, which is a big cause of avoidable sickness mostly among children,These are all good things that Labour has promised to make a reality if elected in to government, and are all reasonable statements.

Policy One: Housing: Labour wants to introduce enforceable quality standards for rental housing and believes that too many people are left living in cold, damp and mouldy homes because the property they rent is substandard, This is a big cause of preventable illness, especially among children,  Introducing enforceable quality standards should ensure that all people can have a warm and dry place to live. Housing is a very important policy and Labour is trying to take action in it.

Policy Two: Economy: Increase funding for regional roading. Labour believes that regional transport, and roads in particular, are struggling to keep up with growth in heavy traffic and tourist numbers, Funding outside the three main centres has not kept up with regional needs and some roads are poorly maintained. Increasing funding for regional transport should improve the quality of regional roading and make transport safer, Labour wants to enlarge the Economy.

Policy Three: Transport: Develop a national ports strategy. Labour believes the New Zealand port system suffers from a lack of coordination. This results in ports being played off against each other by international shipping lines and over-capitalisation, Developing a strategy for ports should improve shipping coordination and reduce freight and environmental costs, Labour would develop a national ports strategy.
Labour would also encourage collaboration between ports, especially in the northern North Island.

And lastly I would not march for the National party because of these polices.
Policy Two:
Economy: Continue the business growth agenda. National believes New Zealand needs to build a more competitive and productive economy to provide economic growth and prosperity into the future. Businesses are the drivers of economic growth but the government can help through policies surrounding skills, infrastructure, innovation and investment.

The Business Growth Agenda is the National Government’s organising framework for economic growth and micro-economic reform. It focuses on six different streams of work in export growth, innovation, investment, natural resources, workplaces and skills, and infrastructure. Continuing an economic plan like the Business Growth Agenda is essential to strengthening the economy and delivering greater prosperity for all New Zealanders. National would continue the Business Growth Agenda. This is a reform and funding programme to encourage economic growth and create jobs.  

In conclusion I think that Labour should be elected into government. Labour cares about New Zealand and everyone in the country. I have given 3 points about Labour’s policies and 1 point about how I am against nationals policies.  

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